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Meet our new Executive Director

February 9, 2015 — Mike L
UFE Executive Director Jeannette Huezo

Over the past 9 months, Board and staff of United for a Fair Economy (UFE) have reflected together on what we need in a leader as we begin our 20th year and the second year of our new 5-year Strategic Plan.


We compiled a list of qualities: visionary, motivational, inspirational, collaborative, risk taker – someone who embodies our work with grassroots social justice organizers around the country. As we considered these qualities, and whether to conduct a national search, we realized that the leader we needed was already here, and serving as one of our interim co-executive directors.

President Obama & Congress: Tax US!

January 26, 2015 — Mike L
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In the State of the Union address, President Obama called for strengthening tax benefits for middle class and low-income working families, and for investing more in child care, early education, and higher education, including making the first two years of community college free. Responsible Wealth is gathering signatures in support of the President's plan.

State of the Dream 2015: Underbanked and Overcharged

January 16, 2015 — Mike L
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This Martin Luther King, Jr. day, UFE is excited to release it's annual State of the Dream Report, titled "Underbanked and Overcharged." This report finds that access to banks in communities of color cost each unbanked household $3,029 per year, taking $103 billion out of the communities that need it most.

Fear < Hope: A Letter from our Board Chair

December 31, 2014 — Mike L
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You and UFE know that 2015 is going to be a challenging year. But all over the country people are rising up - workers, young people, artists, activists and educators - challenging economic and racial oppression and building grassroots power. 


November 21, 2014 — Mike L
NALACC Conference

“We are often told we need to accept the world as it is.” Organizers and activists gathered from around the country, as well as from Mexico and Central America, to reflect on ten years of work together and to chart a path towards a world as we imagine it should be.

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