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Save the Date: Liberation Economics

August 4, 2015 — Mike L
Photo Courtesy of Kris Krüg

United for a Fair Economy is excited to premier LIBERATION ECONOMICS, an advanced training for experienced facilitators! 

Shirley Pryce: UFE Ambassador

July 20, 2015 —
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“I have a philosophy: When others say no, I say yes.” Expressed by Shirley Pryce, this statement could not be more accurate.

Shirley finishes her internship at United for a Fair Economy this week. As sad as we are to see her go, she has promised to be a “UFE Ambassador,” taking all she has learned back home to Jamaica.

Leading the Way on Language Justice

July 10, 2015 — Mike L
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As an economic justice organization we recognize that language is power. A big part of popular economics education involves breaking through the jargon so we are not fooled by the language of so-called experts.  At United for a Fair Economy, language justice is integrally tied to our work.

We Stand with Charleston

June 18, 2015 — Mike L
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We at United for a Fair Economy would like to send our deepest condolences to the families of those killed in South Carolina.  We are saddened not only by this act of terrorism and hate, but by the system that enables such violence to take place.  This is not an isolated act, but a continuation of a long history of violence carried against black people.

Let's Stamp Out Payday Lending

May 21, 2015 — Michael Young
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Today the Office of the Inspector General for the Post Office is releasing their recommendations and opinions on Postal Banking. We think this is a unique opportunity to engage in a conversation about the vision for what a Fair Economy is, and how a return to Postal Banking could be a positive step toward that vision we all share.

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