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Transitions and Opportunities at UFE

June 12, 2014 —
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As the chair of the board at UFE, I am writing today to share some important news about leadership transitions happening this spring, including the departure of our Executive Director, Brian Miller, and the formation of a new interim leadership team consisting of two senior members of UFE’s staff, Jeannette Huezo and Mike Lapham.  Together, Jeannette and Mike bring over 30 years of collective experience at UFE, and I am excited about the insight they will bring in helping the organization navigate the change in leadership.  Indeed, their experience and passion for the work, combined with the commitment and talents of the rest of the UFE team, makes me extremely optimistic about the organization’s future as it enters its third decade this fall!

UFE hosts Tax Week conversations coast-to-coast!

May 13, 2014 — Jamie Goldring
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What did April 15th mean to you? Well, it was Tax Day, for one thing—and though it may, for many, represent the very ordinary American ritual of (reluctantly) handing your hard-earned income over to the government, for us at United for a Fair Economy, it’s an opportunity. Very simply, it’s an opportunity to talk about why taxes (and the critical public sector for which they provide a foundation and ongoing sustenance) are important.

The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us — Low Wage Workers Organize

April 28, 2014 — Brian Miller
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At United for a Fair Economy, we believe that low-wage worker organizing is at the forefront of the fight for economic justice. As spelled out in our guiding principles, "Jobs with dignity and living wages, where workers have the democratic right to organize and share the wealth produced by their labor" is at the core of a fair economy.

Inequality and continued racial segregation create toxic soup

February 17, 2014 — Brian Miller

Education is Not Enough to Close Racial Economic Divide

February 11, 2014 — Brian Miller
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