United for a Fair Economy supports and helps build movements for greater economic equality. As a result, our work intersects with a number of critical issues, including financial reform, CEO pay, the foreclosure crisis, and immigration reform. The following five projects, however, are at the core of UFE's work:

Racial Wealth Divide
Provides resources that deepen understanding about boundaries to economic parity among communities of color.

Responsible Wealth
A network of business leaders, investors, and inheritors in the richest 5% who advocate for fair taxes and corporate accountability.

Popular Economics Education
A series of participatory workshops that transform economic statistics into engaging learning experiences to move people to action.

Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative
A network of more than 20 state-level advocacy groups that promote fair and adequate taxation at the state and federal levels through grassroots organizing.

Estate and Federal Taxes
Campaigns that strive to expand public conversations and influence policy makers on key federal tax policy and economic issues.