Racial Wealth Divide

25-State Coverage Gap Hits Blacks and Latinos Harder

— Brian Miller

Blacks and Latinos represent a disproportionate share of the 5 million who will be denied health insurance due to the GOP's 25-state coverage gap.

Read State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom? to learn more.

State of the Dream 2014: Executive Summary

— Brian Miller

New Report explores Racial Disparities In Healthcare

— Maz
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UFE's eleventh annual MLK Day report–Healthcare for Whom?–explores the racial economic implications of one of the most important human rights issues and public policy debates of the day: healthcare. This report contains an "organizers toolbox" with interactive workshop activities for organizers and activists to facilitate conversations and move people to political action to close the racial economic divide.

State of the Dream 2014

— Maz
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