Inequality and continued racial segregation create toxic soup

— Brian Miller

The toxic mix of extreme inequality and continued racial segregation pushes people of color into communities of concentrated poverty. The "free-market" has completely failed these communities as they are by-passed by full-service banks, high-speed internet, grocery stores with healthy food, and jobs with benefits that pay a living wage. Bold action, led by a government accountable to working people, is required to break up such concentrated poverty.

Read State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom? to learn more.

Black Wealth / White Wealth

— Brian Miller

Because wealth is easily transferred from one generation to the next – in the form of inheritances, gifts, money to start a business or buy a home, various legs up, etc. – the inequalities of the past (and the present) remain deeply embedded in our economy decades after the original injustice.

Read State of the Dream 2014: Healthcare for Whom? to learn more.

New Yorkers push for pre-k funding!

— Michael Young

Why History Matters: Obama Talks about Inequality

— Brian Miller
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Ezra Klein of the Washington Post calls it "perhaps the single best economic speech of his presidency." The folks on Fox News were whining about "redistribution." Picking up a cab in Baltimore the next morning, the first thing the driver asked me was whether I saw the President's speech… He loved it. However one ranks it, Pres. Obama's speech on Wednesday nailed it, calling economic inequality the "defining challenge of our time."

If We Value Hard Work, Why Doesn't Our Tax Code?

— Maz


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