5 Actions for Economic Justice

The United States is the richest nation in the world. So why aren't our schools thriving? Why are so many people — especially people of color — unemployed? Why are healthcare, housing and college education so unaffordable?

Our mission at UFE is to raise awareness about the root causes of economic inequality and support the growing movement for economic justice. This can take many forms. If you're interested in making the economy fairer and improving the quality of life in the U.S. for everyone, here are five actions you can take to help make that happen.

1. Email Your Elected Officials.

Tell your state and federal elected officials to fight for progressive tax and economic policies – ones that will reverse growing income and wealth inequality and provide opportunity for all people, not just the rich. Use our example letter, modify it, or send your own. Do it now >>

2. Write a letter to your local newspaper editor.

Help to build a local conversation about smart policies with a letter to your local editor. Check out our letter-writing tips and send one today. If yours is published, send us a link or a photo and we'll share it with our community. Do it now >>

3. Stay in the loop!

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4. Share this Infographic.


The richest Americans have more than they need. That has always been the case, even when their top marginal tax rate was upwards of 90% (today it is 35%).

For the last three decades, taxes have been slashed, loopholes have been exploited, and lies about equal opportunity have been spread to keep the economy in service of the economic elite.

We have, the words of Warren Buffett, the second richest person in the U.S., "coddled" the wealthy for too long. Share this infographic on Facebook and Twitter to inform others and bring them to action.


5. Become a Movement Builder with a recurring gift to UFE!

Yes, the actions listed above will help move us in the right direction. But here’s the truth: there's no "quick fix" when it comes to fixing our broken economic system. So please consider making a long-term investment in the fight for a fair economy. Please consider becoming a UFE Movement Builder by setting up a monthly, quarterly, or annual gift today!

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